Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

The first thing that seasoned web design and development experts will tell you is that this takes an incredible amount of work to develop and design a world class website. From the initial idea and planning stages to finally launching the finished product on the internet may take months to accomplish.

Aspects of website design and development

Every website is designed and developed using some type of code such as a combination of CSS and HTML.  Code editors are used to assist our developers in developing the code you will use on your website but more importantly, they make the process considerably easier.  One thing is certain when it comes to web design and development. Fortunately, there are numerous educational tools that will make a programmer’s task considerably less challenging and frustrating.  The fact is that there are tools that enable them to construct the website and other tools help to add specific elements to the website. Additionally, there is the element of graphic design and the tools that enable you to map out each of your webpage’s layout.

We create visually appealing designs, incorporate website optimization and do content development to ensure that your business is projected in the best manner. Our designers and SEO experts are well trained in the analytics of the web design and development industry. We incorporate numerous technologies such as Flash, HTML, ASP, FrontPage and other software to design some of the best websites.

Benefits of good website design and SEO

Additionally, with proper optimization on Meta tags and tag clouds, your website is placed on the first few pages on the top search engines such as Google, MSN, AltaVista and others. The main aim of business establishments is to get higher traffic on the company website and professional web design and development service such as ours develop websites after understanding the company requirements.  We work effectively to create a better brand image of your company. Our web design professionals work to effectively present company information including services and products that are offered are projected clearly.

Developing sales leads that convert into regular customers and enhance your company’s business and profits is our aim. We are a professional SEO company that has a proven track record of outstanding web design and development in different industries and hosting services. If you are looking for a unique website for your company, our professionals would be happy to create it for you. Call us today and let’s get working!

SEO Targeted (oriented) Web Development

SEO Targeted (oriented) Web Development

The creation of a web application or website that quickly reaches millions of individuals on a global basis and maintains their interest in it is the primary focus of the web development industry.  Apart from having the eye appeal that pleases both the site owner and the site’s visitors, the goal of the web designer is to create a site that generates a lot of interest and brings a lot of traffic to it.  In order to achieve this and be effective, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO as it is more commonly called) must be utilized.

 Web Development and SEO

Effective SEO techniques should be viewed as a core segment of the website development process.  However, before the website is ever designed and developed, it is critical that the team who is creating the site understands the purpose of this entity and who the target audience is going to be.  Once the development team has determined both elements, they need to establish a list of pertinent keywords that the target audience will use in order to search for and find that particular website.

In order to ensure the most effective keyword placement possible, this process needs to be completed before the website enters the planning stage which increases the chances of a higher ranking in the SERP’s or Search Engine Ranking Pages.  Placing keywords in the name of the website’s domain is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a better ranking.  It also makes it easier for the person to find the website while remaining search engine friendly at the same time.

6 steps to maximizing your website’s ranking

SEO targeted (oriented) web development plays a critical role in maximizing a person’s website ranking in the SERP’s.  The following is a series of six steps to take in order to accomplish this and enjoy a high search engine ranking while at the same time creating sufficient website traffic:

  1. User-friendly programming is imperative and must be practiced continually
  2. A list of targeted keywords must be developed
  3. Good website navigation must be maintained regularly
  4. Meaningful page titles must be added
  5. You must write the highest quality webpage descriptions possible
  6. Stay focused on optimizing your webpage content

What you need to remember first and foremost is that the higher your website appears in the search engine rankings, the greater the likelihood that you will drive more traffic to your website.  So as you readily see, this is the reason why so many entrepreneurs and internet marketers refer to SEO as the ultimate website traffic generator.



Professional Website Design, Development Company, and SEO

Professional Website Design, Development Company, and SEO

Professional website design, development company, and SEO – sounds like a mouthful doesn’t it? For many people it is, but if you divide these terminologies based on the comma placement, you have the three most critical elements of a successful website.  If you are going to have any hope of being successful on the internet, your best option is to have the professional website design done by a development company.  Even more important is the use of keyword rich content to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine pages.

Importance of a professional website design created by our development company

Whenever any business entity decides to plan, design, develop, and then launch a website, there are basically two options that the aspiring internet entrepreneur has.  They can attempt to do this on their own, or they can hire the services of a website development company to create it for them.  You have to look at this based on which option is the most beneficial to you.  For instance, it’s cheaper doing the job yourself, but do you have any idea of how much knowledge is involved in website development?

That is the primary factor involved with deciding between doing it on your own or hiring professionals to do it for you.  However, you need to be extremely careful whenever you want a professional website design, done by a development company, and SEO-friendly because not every website developer is reputable.  Just keep that in mind and research the different companies that peak your interest.

Professional website design, development company, and SEO – the ideal mixture

Anytime you hire our development company to create a professional website design that is SEO-friendly using keyword-rich content, you are sure that we provide the following four elements are employed by our company:

Experience and feedback – the first quality of any professional website design company or development company you should look for is years of experience in the industry.

Final buyer oriented – the company considers your profit and success before their own.

Navigation – in addition to eye appeal, the website must be easy to navigate.

SEO – most importantly, the right keyword phrases and keywords along with SEO strategies will create more visitor traffic because of how high you are ranked in the SERP’s (search engine pages).



Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer

For many individuals who are extremely PC savvy or are aspiring entrepreneurs of the internet, the allure of becoming a freelance web designer can almost be overpowering.  And that is why there are numerous benefits to working with our team in the web design industry. Our freelance web designers are in complete creative control of designing with a highly flexible schedule based on client commitments and deadlines.

Working with freelance web designers

Our web designers know that it will not be all fun and games when they are working toward those goals.  There will be times when the creativity is tested, but the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into achieving the goals translate in a happy customer. We value our clients and ensure that each of the websites we develop is done in full consultation and at each step we take your feedback. This ensures that your co-operation in the development ensures the right results.

Though we have been a dedicated web design company for years, we work with in-house designers and freelance web designers. The basic fact remains that most freelance designers have the joy of being their own bosses and that drives many of them to create your own careers and income.

Developing and hosting world class websites

We design and develop websites that clearly displays our talents and that is one reasons that clients hire us instead of some one else. Most importantly, determining the target audience is important for your business (not defining that audience is the most critical mistake) that is made when the project is in the design and development stages.

Although we study in depth the different aspects of your business, developing a list of potential clients from the target audience is important. As an additional perk for our clients, we create some type of referral program that rewards our current clients and benefits them with more website traffic.

We network with other advertising and marketing agencies, content writers and copywriters that specialize in creating web pages, as well as any other freelance web designer that are reputable and trustworthy. We have an excellent team of web designers and programmers ensuring that each project that we take on is completed on time and according to the requirements of your business.

Asp.Net C# Developers

Asp.Net C# Developers

At our website design services, we have a team of competent Asp.net C# developers integrating the programming aspects with aesthetically pleasing layouts, to give your company the best look and versatility. We bring you more information about the methods and aspects of the application.

Asp.Net C# developers or Asp.Net

Whether you are discussing Asp.Net C# developers or the classic version of Asp.Net, this is website or webpage application framework that was originally marketed by Microsoft for the purposes of designing and creating more dynamic website applications, services, and sites.  Microsoft originally released their first version, 1.0 of the .Net framework in January of 2002 and was the successor to Active Server Pages, commonly known as ASP.  Asp.Net C# developer’s applications are based on what is known as Common Language Runtime (CLR).

The purpose of Asp.Net C# developers as well as any Asp.Net application is to assist programmers in writing Asp.Net code by using any .Net language that supports this code.  For example, Asp.Net SOAP is an extension framework that allows components of Asp.Net to process any SOAP messages.

Technical standpoint on Asp.Net C#

From a technical standpoint, the growing favoritism towards .Net development services has been going on for a long period of time.  Thanks to these particular targeted services, .Net developers have been able to develop different methods and techniques that now provide the newer features of websites that are being developed today.  Since the development of and onset of Asp.Net C#, developers are having an easier time of creating websites that are highly impressive as well as totally user-friendly.

When you compare Asp.Net C# to the classic version of Asp.Net, it is considerably more effective and superior in a number of different ways as follows:

  • Compilation – enables you to compile the code the very first time you access it
  • Language Support – there are no language restrictions when using Asp.Net C#
  • Scalability – unlike using Asp.Net C#, the classic Asp.Net web applications make it too difficult now to maintain, replace, and update the components on a web page
  • Stability – Asp.Net C# is not susceptible to any type of crashes with website page applications so the programming that is done using it is very stable

 Asp.Net C# developers have been proven to be better, more effective, and highly secure compared to the classic version of Asp.Net, hence the explosive growth in popularity where website development is concerned. If you have software development or website designing requirements, we would b happy to assist you.



Programming with SEO in Mind

Programming with SEO in Mind

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a process or series for improving a web page’s or website’s visibility over the internet by using keywords and the numerous search engines to find those pages or sites.  The search results are normally referred to as being “natural” (un-paid) and are also known as algorithmic or organic.  For the most part, the higher and more frequently that the web page or website is ranked in the search engine results pages (SERP’s), the more visitor traffic will be generated.

Thinking with SEO in mind

Whenever you are designing and programming a website, it is important to keep SEO in mind since this is what helps you gain visibility on the internet.  Surprisingly, a number of designers and programmers overlook the use of SEO and underestimate how important it is.  Ask any successful internet entrepreneur or marketer about the importance of using SEO content on their web pages or websites and they will most likely tell you that their success was based on doing their programming with SEO in mind.

As thick as the competition is in most industries today, achieving higher rankings in the SERP’s is incredibly important and the only way to achieve that is by utilizing SEO techniques.  Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of this will tell you that using this technique during the design and programming stages is critical.  What you want to remember above all else is that the numerous search engines out there are the only way that potential visitors can find your site.

Tips and warnings

One of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO is by obtaining links from other sites.  The use of social bookmarking is also an excellent way to get your website listed in the major search engines such as Bing or Google.  Relevant keywords need to be included in the contents, headlines, sub-titles, and title of your website as well.  This is also an effective way to improve your search engine rankings.

You want to avoid repetition with your keywords as well in order to prevent your website being listed as spam in the databases of the many search engines.  Remember that SEO techniques are typically classified into two categories – black hat and white hat.  You want to avoid using black hat techniques as these are ones that the search engines will not approve of because they are deceptive in nature.

Dot Net (.NET) Development

What is Dot Net (.Net)?

The .Net framework (or .Net/Dot Net) runs on a Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) and is a software framework that supports several programming languages and includes a large library.  This allows one language to use code that has been written by another language while the programs that have been written for this framework are executed in a software environment known as CLR or Common Language Runtime.  CLR provides key services such as exception handling, management, memory, and security.

Microsoft began Dot Net (.Net) development in the latter part of the 1990’s under the name NGWS which stands for Next Generation Windows Services.  During late 2000, Microsoft had released version 1.0, one of the first beta versions of the framework.  Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista included version 3.0, which could also be used by Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.  In April of 2010, Microsoft released version 4.0 or the .Net Framework 4 along with Visual Studio 2010.

.Net Framework principles

From the standpoint of the user, there are four basic principles that are included in Dot Net (.Net) development as follows:

  • Boundaries that exist between certain applications and the internet are erased and unlike what is experienced when you interact with software applications or a individual websites, .Net connects you with numerous computers and services.  This array of computers and other services then combines and exchanges data and objects.
  • Software is usually rented (downloaded) as a hosted service instead of being purchased at a retailer.  In so doing, the internet houses all of your software applications and data.
  • As the user, you are able to use other computers and devices to access your information over the internet anytime and anywhere.
  • There are new ways that you can interact with handwriting recognition, speech, and other application data.

Additionally, the .Net Framework relies on the four internet standards of HTTP, SOAP, UDDI, and XML.  As a result of Dot Net (.Net) development, computer users can now centralize data storage; integrate e-mail, fax, and phone services; and synchronize all of your computing devices so that they are automatically updated.

On a closing note, Microsoft now offers developers and IT specialists .Net certification.  This typically helps enhance the credentials on their resume as well as their salary requirements.  The two primary .Net certifications today are MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) and MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist).